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Nichols-Online - Dog Training

Welcome to the Nichols-online Web site which is dedicated to Darcy.

On our pages you will meet the Caldwell-Nichols family and can read Darcy's story.

I will share my dog training experiences and you can follow the progress of our dogs, including our Ellie, whose progress is charted from a puppy. You might even be inspired to have a go at competitive Obedience or agility!

I am well known in the Aylesbury (Buckinghamshire) area for being passionate about dog training. In Bierton, I am often stopped and asked dog training questions.  I enjoy these conversations as the "subjects" are often puppies and I particularly love puppy training!

Throughout this site, I will explain how I use positive reinforcement (clicker training) in formal and domestic training and show how this can benefit all dogs, even very young puppies. The things that make living with a dog less stressful can be taught using these methods. You can teach your dog not to pull on the lead, to come when called, not to jump up at visitors, settle down when necessary. This method of dog training is also very successfully used to toilet train (house train) puppies and older dogs. You can even use the principles to teach your children, your partner or even your boss!

Darcy died in October 2007, at the age of 5, and is terribly missed. He had canine epilepsy and you will also find some information and links about this devastating condition. Feel free to browse around this site.

If you have comments or questions about the site or about Dog Training generally, click the “contact us” button on any page within this site. We are based in Bierton, near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire (UK).

Don't forget to visit regularly to check out our pages following Ellie's progress and now you can also meet Fin, Sax and Toffee!

Thanks for visiting.


This page was updated on 17th September 2014

What’s New?

Children and Dogs
(September 2014)


Dog Training Articles on this site include:

[Finding a Dog Trainer]
[Cage / Crate training]
[Pulling on the lead]
 [house training/toilet training] [Jumping Up]
[children and dogs]
The puppy training notes in Ellie’s Diary include the following:

What to do when you bring a puppy home for the first time
Introducing a puppy to the sound of a clicker,
and using clicker training with puppies, including toilet training. 
How to use free shaping (click and treat), leading to
targeting, retrieve and sendaway. My experiences of toilet training a puppy.
How to go about dog to dog socialising and 
socialising with other puppies.
How to play with puppies, including acceptable games,
toys and teaching good manners. Socialising and habituation issues
which prepare the puppy for life in our world.
Dealing with anti-social behaviour such as biting
(bite inhibition),
food aggression and
pulling on the lead.
Health issues are discussed such as puppy vaccinations and microchipping, coprophagia as well as puppy teething and exercising.
I also discuss other issues such as “children and dogs” and pet insurance.


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